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At HAIRCUTS INC we provide ongoing training and master classes regularly for our staff. We hire the best platform artists in the industry to teach our employees advanced technicques far beyond what they have learned prior to employment at HAIRCUTS INC.  Our goal is to provide only the best quality for our clients and I am committed to making that happen.  We have educators from Paul Mitchell Professional, REUZEL, Barbers Guild, TIGI, AMERICAN CREW, and more!


2022-A year in review:

Here we are year ending 2022. As I reflect back on our grand opening in 2014, I remember how terrified and excited I was to open my new business. Will we survive? Will people come? To my amazement, friends, family, community, and local business owners came in masses to show their support for my locally-owned adventure. It has been 9 years. You have all supported me, and my amazing staff throughout the years. We have been through a-lot! We have had so many good times. I have watched your families and children grow. I shed tears when I look back at the joy we have given one another. The past 3 years have been very difficult for EVERYONE. When COVID struck, I was so worried being open would cause our most vulnerable harm. I had to close for almost 2 months because of those concerns. We lost many close friends due to the pandemic and we all suffered those losses together. When we opened back up, we took many precautions to keep you all safe. It was very awkward with curtains, masks, and proceedures. Some handled our efforts well, and some not so well but we understood the situation and supported everyone through this stressful time. I have had some real soul-searching over the past 3 years. My own health issues and having to step away from the chair. Nearly closing several times due to labor shortages, sick clients, sick employees, and now the struggle is economic downfall. Somehow we manage to stick together, and rise out of the ashes. In 2022 we made some price increases. This decision has not been taken lightly and I lose sleep over it. We have increased employee wages to help them manage the economic struggle. Which in turn, creates more financial hardships on our guests. The costs to operate my business have gone up exponentially. We are all in this together. I have sent email discounts, and online specials as often as I can to soften the blow to our guests. I will continue to do everything I can to be sure you have the best, relaxing experience with qualified employees. I will continue to stand by you as you have us. We welcome new guests as well to join our Haircuts Inc. family. Together we are stronger. If you ever feel like you need to reach out please contact me at and let me know how we can make your day better. I see a bright future with people like you by our side. You have always been there for us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts here at Haircuts Inc.

Haircuts Inc. CEO, Angie Jensen




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