What's trending with men's haircuts?


What's trending in men's haircutting? What was old is now new again like most hair styles. Currently in men's styles one of the most popular cuts is the "Quiff", or "Pomp" (short for Pompadore). It has many names. This style was very popular in about the 1940's era. At a time when prohibition, and gangsters were running amuck! It is a very versitle style. Some of the variations include; one side blended and the other under cut. Both sides undercut, and even what is referred to as a "hard part" where we create a part in your hair by shaving a line down to the skin. This cut can be styled up full in the front for a more "bad boy" look or combed over for a more "classy look". You can even comb it straight back. When you create


the full look a product like TIGI "Totally Baked" volumizer is used and then finished up with WOODY'S "Pomade" for shine.

woodys pomade.jpg