What's trending in Men's Haircuts Part II

Since the recent World Cup soccer tournament what seemed to be fading out of style has been making a comeback. It has many names some call it a 'Euro mullett' some call it a 'Soccer Mullett' and many other names as well. I personally think I like this version of the mullett much more vs. it's predecessor from the 80's where one would be "business up front, and party in the back" to the current version of basically "all party!" It's edgy, it's wild, and a great way for many men to make a bold statement!

The typical look for this is a 1/8"-1/4" fade on sides with a blended faux hawk on top. Typically the back forms into a v-shape with your preference of neckline shape. The center "hawk" usually approx. 2" long with some razor cutting for texture. Some personalization used can vary however, popular designs are hard parting (shaving a part in the hair) lightening bolts as Cristiano Ronaldo did during the recent World Cup soccer tournament (see story it's a great one! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/worldcup2014/article-2665819/Cristiano-Ronaldos-new-zig-zag-haircut-charity-work-bizarre-fashion-statement.html). The designs shaved into the sides are limitless! Many color the "hawk" as well.


Products to use to style this cut varies on your length. For the Shorter version TIGI HAIR STICK, HARD TO GET, MANIPULATOR, AND HARD HEAD are are some of my FAV'S!