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Root Retouch | $75

Maintain your flawless allure with our root retouch service. This service is intended for up to an inch of regrowth. More than an inch is our "All over color" service.

Bleach Retouch | $100

The Bleach retouch service is applicable for up to one inch of regrowth. More than that will be considered an "All over bleach".

Highlight Retouch | $125

This highlight retouch covers up to an inch of regrowth. More than an inch is considered "Highlights/Lowlights".

All over color - Short Hair | $100

Immerse yourself in a world of color transformation with our all over color service - For hair shoulder length or shorter.

All over color - Medium/Long Hair | $150

Experience the magic of our 'Total Hue' service, where your hair is enveloped in a single, harmonious shade, giving you a refreshed and vibrant look. This service is for hair longer than shoulder length.

Highlights/Lowlights - Short Hair | $150

Experience the art of contrast with our highlight and lowlight service, adding depth and dimension to your hair for a striking and dynamic style. Hair length above shoulders.

Highlights/Lowlights - Medium/Long Hair | $175

Discover the beauty of balance through our highlight and lowlight expertise, as we play with light and shadow to create a personalized, captivating hair transformation. Hair length past shoulders.

Balayage - Short Hair | $100

Transform your hair with our expert balayage technique, creating seamless, sun-kissed highlights that elevate your natural beauty. Hair above shoulders.

Balayage - Medium/Long Hair | $150

Elevate your look with our precision balayage artistry, painting graceful highlights that blend effortlessly for a radiant finish. Hair below shoulders.

Grey Blending | $45

Men, embrace graceful aging with our grey blending service, where modern techniques harmoniously blend greys to achieve a distinguished and youthful look.

Men's Partial Bleach | $75

Unleash your boldness with our men's partial bleach service, adding a touch of edgy charm as we expertly lighten specific sections for a confident and contemporary style.

All over Bleach - Short Hair | $125

All over bleach service for short hair is intended for hair above the shoulders.

All over Bleach - Long Hair | $175

All over bleach service for long hair is intended for hair below the shoulders.

Color Correction | $60

If we need to remove unwanted color, lift box dyes, fix prior mistakes from other salons, we charge a color correction price of $60/hour. Please come in for consultation prior to booking appointment.

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