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Best Hair Color Services in Logan, Utah

Get the look you always desired at Haircuts Inc, the ultimate hair color salon in Logan, Utah. We provide the best hair color for men and women using Moroccan Oil, one of the industry’s leading brands.. 


From root retouching and balayage we do it all, tailored to your unique hairstyle and hair length. Our hair stylists ensure the perfect hair shade that gives you the look you’ve always wanted.. Schedule your visit today or call for a consultation! 

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Best Hair Color Services for Men

Haircuts Incorporated provides a wide range of hair color services for men and women of all ages. Add a new shade to your hair without looking artificial.

Root Retouch | $75

Maintain your flawless allure with our root retouch service. This service is intended for up to an inch of regrowth. More than an inch is our "All over color" service.

Bleach Retouch | $100

The Bleach retouch service is applicable for up to one inch of regrowth. More than that will be considered an "All over bleach".

Highlight Retouch | $125

This highlight retouch covers up to an inch of regrowth. More than an inch is considered "Highlights/Lowlights".

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All over color - Short Hair | $100

Immerse yourself in a world of color transformation with our all over color service - For hair shoulder length or shorter.bout the sale you want users to know.

All over color - Medium/Long Hair | $150

Experience the magic of our 'Total Hue' service, where your hair is enveloped in a single, harmonious shade, giving you a refreshed and vibrant look. This service is for hair longer than shoulder length.

Highlights/Lowlights - Short Hair | $150

Experience the art of contrast with our highlight and lowlight service, adding depth and dimension to your hair for a striking and dynamic style. Hair length above shoulders.

Highlights/Lowlights - Medium/Long Hair | $175

Discover the beauty of balance through our highlight and lowlight expertise, as we play with light and shadow to create a personalized, captivating hair transformation. Hair length past shoulders.

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Balayage - Short Hair | $100

Transform your hair with our expert balayage technique, creating seamless, sun-kissed highlights that elevate your natural beauty. Hair above shoulders.

Balayage - Medium/Long Hair | $150

Elevate your look with our precision balayage artistry, painting graceful highlights that blend effortlessly for a radiant finish. Hair below shoulders.

Grey Blending | $45

Men, embrace graceful aging with our grey blending service, where modern techniques harmoniously blend greys to achieve a distinguished and youthful look.

Color Correction | $60

If we need to remove unwanted color, lift box dyes, fix prior mistakes from other salons, we charge a color correction price of $60/hour. Please come in for consultation prior to booking an appointment.

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Men's Partial Bleach | $75

Unleash your boldness with our men's partial bleach service, adding a touch of

edgy charm as we expertly lighten specific sections for a confident and contemporary style.

All over Bleach - Short Hair | $125

All over bleach service for short hair is intended for hair above the shoulders.

All over Bleach - Long Hair | $175

All over bleach service for long hair is intended for hair below the shoulders

  • What are your hair salon hours?
    We are open on Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm. We are closed on Sundays.
  • Are walk-ins welcome, or will I need to make an appointment?
    While we do accept walk-ins, when possible, we recommend that you schedule an appointment in advance so that you can receive prompt service and waiting time is minimal. You can easily do this through our website or through the Haircuts Inc Mobile app or by calling us at 435-545-3638.
  • What will happen if I arrive later than my scheduled appointment?
    We realize that, at times, delays are unavoidable. However, if you find yourself running more than 10 minutes behind schedule, it is possible that the stylist you had initially booked with may not be available. Therefore, we request that you give us a call to inform us of any delays, and we will do our best to accommodate your appointment.
  • Can you accommodate last-minute appointments for special occasions and group appointments?
    Yes, we can accommodate you for special occasions depending on staff availability and also cater to group appointments. Please contact us to make arrangements.
  • Do you offer any discount on your services or haircuts?
    Our regular pricing is the most competitive among the top hair salons and barbershops in Logan. We do regularly run promotions and discounts which you can get updates updates on by subscribing to our site.
  • Do you recommend washing my hair before undergoing a color treatment?
    Yes, we do! Clean hair increases the effectiveness of the products used. Any accumulated residue in the hair can prevent the products from performing to the fullest.
  • How can I select the appropriate treatments or products for my hair?
    We offer complimentary consultations and are prepared to offer personalized recommendations according to your preferences and requirements. Whether you are in search of hair treatment or have specific requirements for haircuts at our hair salon near you, our experts are readily available to address any inquiries you may have.
  • Will I need an appointment to get the services at your men’s salon near me?
    In order to ensure you get the time that suits you best, we recommend booking an appointment. This ensures you receive prompt service and helps us manage our busy schedule efficiently.
  • What are your prices for men's haircuts in Logan, Utah?
    Our charges vary according to the type of haircut and the services you require. Please note that our haircut rates start from $20 and go to $40. (Seniors and children 10 and under receive a discount of 10% off these rates.)
  • What do you recommend as the best haircut for men?
    There isn’t a particular haircut that we can label as the best. Rather, your choice of haircut should reflect your personal identity and style. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect hairstyle that suits you, ultimately making you both look and feel fantastic.
  • How often do you recommend getting a haircut?
    On average, it is recommended for men to schedule a haircut every four to six weeks. This is easiest to do through our mobile app where you can quickly reschedule with the stylist who last cut your hair. However, definite timing should be according to your individual style and comfort.
  • What kind of haircut would look good for someone with a beard?
    The choice of a suitable haircut to complement your beard will depend on different factors, like your beard style, head, hair thickness, and face shape. We can provide personalized guidance to help you find the best possible combination that suits your style.
  • Will I also get grooming advice or styling recommendations during my appointment?
    Yes! Our stylists have exhaustive knowledge of grooming and styling and considerable experience in the field. We encourage you to ask questions and get advice during your appointment. We can also recommend products, techniques, and styling tips so you can maintain your look between visits.
  • What is included in a basic haircut appointment at your men’s hair salon near me?
    A standard haircut appointment includes a consultation, a haircut, and a final standard style finish. Please note that it does not include a wash, flat tops, mullets, or bald fades. If you desire additional services such as a head wash, styling, beard trim or shave, or face shave, please let your stylist know, and they will set your appointment accordingly.
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