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Top Wave | $95

Effortless beach waves for a laid-back yet trendy hairstyle.

Men's Mullet Wave | $105

Embrace a modern twist on a classic hairstyle with a bold and textured mullet, perfect for those seeking a distinctive and confident look.

Men's Cropped Wave | $120

Achieve a clean and stylish wave haircut for a polished appearance that's both sophisticated and effortlessly cool.

Men's Full Wave | $135

Our skilled stylists will transform your longer locks into voluminous, flowing waves, creating a bold and fashionable statement that's perfect for those who crave a dynamic and captivating look.

Women's Pixie Wave | $120

Redefine elegance with a touch of edge. Our pixie wave service combines the chic simplicity of a pixie cut with subtle, stylish waves, offering a bold and feminine look that's both modern and effortlessly striking.

Women's Medium Wave | $175

Discover the perfect balance between sophistication and style. Our medium wave service adds subtle, versatile waves to your medium-length hair, creating a timeless and effortlessly beautiful look suitable for any occasion.

Women's Long Wave/Spiral Wave | $225

Embrace the allure of long, cascading waves or spirals that add a touch of romance and drama to your look. Our skilled stylists will transform your lengthy locks into a captivating masterpiece, exuding elegance and grace for any special event or everyday glamour.

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