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The Best Short Fringe Haircuts For Men

Updated: Jun 20

Fringe Haircuts


Your hairstyle plays a vital role in your overall appearance and style. It has the power to greatly enhance your looks, boost your confidence, and leave a memorable impression. For men, choosing the right haircut is crucial, and short fringe haircuts have been gaining popularity.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best short fringe haircuts for men, along with tips on how to style them effectively. Whether you prefer a neat and sharp look or a more laid-back and casual vibe, there's a short fringe haircut out there that can perfectly match your preferences.

Benefits of Short Fringe Haircuts for Men

Opting for a short fringe haircut offers several advantages:

  • Easy Maintenance: Short fringe haircuts require minimal upkeep compared to longer styles.

  • Versatility: These haircuts can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions.

  • Face Framing: A fringe can help to balance facial features, disguise a large forehead, or shorten face shapes.

  • Modern Appeal: Short fringes offer a contemporary look that's always in trend.

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Let's explore some of the best short fringe haircuts you can try.".

The Best Short Men's Fringe Haircuts

1. Straight Textured Fringe Haircut

The straight textured fringe haircut is a popular choice among men looking for a clean yet edgy appearance. Often showcased at Fashion Week, this style features a longer fringe at the front and shorter hair towards the crown. The resulting contrast adds movement and texture to your look, making it ideal for both casual outings and more formal settings.

Achieving the Straight Textured Fringe Look

To achieve this haircut, follow these steps:

  • Consultation: Discuss with your barber or stylist about the desired length of the fringe and the overall style you want to achieve.

  • Initial Cut: Start by cutting the back and sides short using clippers. A popular option is a number 1 or high and tight cut.

  • Slide Cutting: Use slide cutting techniques on the fringe to add texture without losing length. This involves slicing through the hair with scissors in a sliding motion.

  • Razor Techniques: Incorporate razor cutting to create additional texture and remove bulk from the fringe area.

  • Heavy Blend: Ensure a heavy blend between the longer fringe and shorter sides for a seamless transition.

Styling Tips for Maintaining This Haircut

Maintaining this look requires some effort but can be easily managed with the right products:

  • Matte Clay or Pomade: Use a matte clay like Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to add texture without making your hair appear greasy.

  • Texturizing Spray: Apply a texturizing spray to damp hair before styling to enhance volume.

  • Regular Trims: Schedule regular trims every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape and length of your fringe.

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2. Textured Crop Blunt Fringe

The textured crop blunt fringe is a modern-day classic that seamlessly combines style with practicality. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for various occasions, whether you're aiming for a casual look or a more polished appearance.

Description and Appeal

This haircut features a blunt, straight-across fringe that adds an edgy touch to your overall style. The texture throughout the hair creates movement and volume, making it ideal for those who want to add some depth to their look. The sides and back are typically kept short, often with a low or mid skin fade, which enhances the contrast between the top and the sides.

Achieving the Look

Getting the textured crop blunt fringe requires precision and attention to detail. Here's how you can achieve this look:

  • Initial Trim: Start by trimming the back and sides using clippers with a number 1 or 2 guard. This provides a clean base.

  • Creating Texture: Use slide cutting and a razor to add texture throughout the top section of your hair. This technique helps in achieving that sought-after movement and volume.

  • Blunt Fringe: Cut the fringe straight across your forehead, ensuring it's even and blunt. This step gives the haircut its distinctive edge.

  • Blending: To avoid any harsh lines, blend the top section into the shorter sides using scissors or blending shears.

Styling Tips

Maintaining this haircut is straightforward if you use the right products and techniques:

  • Texturizing Products: Apply a texturizing product like Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to add definition without making your hair appear greasy or shiny.

  • Polished Finish: For a neat look, blow-dry your hair while using a round brush to shape the fringe.

  • Tousled Appearance: If you prefer a more relaxed style, apply some texturizing spray or sea salt spray to damp hair and scrunch it with your hands for a tousled effect.

Styling Variations

The textured crop blunt fringe offers several styling options:

  • Casual Look: Leave your hair natural with minimal styling products for an effortlessly cool vibe.

  • Formal Appearance: Use pomade to slick back the sides while keeping the fringe defined for a more structured look.

  • Messy Style: Embrace a messy finish by using matte products that enhance texture without adding shine.

Short fringe haircuts for men like this one provide versatility in styling while maintaining an easy-to-manage length. Whether you're looking for something casual or more fashion-forward, this haircut delivers on all fronts.

3. The "Thomas Shelby" Fringe Haircut

The Thomas Shelby fringe haircut is inspired by the iconic character from the popular TV series Peaky Blinders. Known for its bold and rugged style, it has become a go-to for men seeking a daring yet sophisticated look. This haircut stands out due to its harsh disconnection between the longer top and shorter sides, creating a striking contrast that exudes confidence.

Achieving the Thomas Shelby Look

To get the Thomas Shelby fringe haircut:

Hair Length: Start with longer hair on top, ideally around 2-3 inches. The sides and back should be cut short, usually with clippers using a number 1 or 2 guard.

Cutting Techniques:

Slide Cutting: Use slide cutting to add texture and movement to the fringe. This involves slicing through the hair at an angle with scissors.

Razor Cutting: Use a razor to create a softer edge and enhance the rugged appearance.

Heavy Blend: It's important to have a smooth transition between the longer top and shorter sides. This prevents any harsh lines.

Styling Techniques:

Apply a small amount of matte clay to slightly damp hair.

Use your fingers to push the hair forward, defining the fringe area.

For more texture, scrunch the hair slightly while drying.

Grooming Advice

Keeping this messy yet controlled fringe haircut in shape requires regular grooming:

  • Regular Trims: Schedule trims every 3-4 weeks to maintain short and neat sides.

  • Texturizing Products: Use texturizing products like Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to add texture without making your hair look greasy.

  • Controlled Messiness: Aim for a hairstyle that has some structure but also looks slightly messy. Avoid overly polished finishes and embrace small imperfections.

The Thomas Shelby fringe haircut offers a perfect balance between edginess and refinement, making it an excellent choice for various occasions. Whether you're attending a formal event or aiming for a casual look, this haircut adapts effortlessly while maintaining its distinctive appeal.

4. Messy Wavy Fringe

The messy wavy fringe haircut is a great choice for men with curly or wavy hair. It enhances the natural texture of your hair, giving you a relaxed yet stylish look. This flexible haircut can be styled in different ways, making it suitable for various situations.

Creating the Messy Wavy Effect

Achieving the messy wavy fringe look involves a combination of the right haircut and styling techniques:

Cutting Techniques:

  • Slide Cutting: This technique removes bulk without creating harsh lines, allowing your waves to fall naturally.

  • Razor Cut: Using a razor adds texture and movement to the fringe, giving it a casual appearance.

  • Heavy Blend: A heavy blend between the longer top and shorter back and sides creates a balanced look.

  • Styling Products:

  • Matte Clay: Provides texture and hold without making your hair look greasy.

  • Sea Salt Spray: Enhances natural waves and adds volume.

  • Curl Cream: Defines curls while reducing frizz.

Styling Options

Once you've got the cut, styling your messy wavy fringe can be done in several ways:

  • Tousled Waves: Apply sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunch your hair with your hands to create a tousled look. Let it air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer.

  • Defined Curls: Use curl cream on wet hair, then twist sections of your fringe around your fingers to define each curl. Let it dry naturally or use a low heat setting on your blow dryer.

  • Slicked Back Waves: For a more polished finish, apply a small amount of matte clay to damp hair and comb it back. This style works well for more formal occasions.

The messy wavy fringe haircut is perfect for those looking for a hairstyle that offers both ease of maintenance and versatility. Whether you prefer a casual everyday look or something more refined for special events, this haircut adapts effortlessly to suit any occasion.

5. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a classic hairstyle for men, named after the Roman statesman Julius Caesar who made this look popular. It is a short haircut with straight-cut bangs that sit horizontally across the forehead, giving a tidy and sophisticated appearance. This style became trendy in the 90s, thanks to celebrities like George Clooney.

How to Get the Perfect Caesar Cut

To achieve the ideal Caesar cut:

  • Length and Fringe: Keep the hair short, usually around 1-2 inches on top. Trim the fringe straight across the forehead.

  • Short Back and Sides: Use clippers to trim the back and sides to an even length. Opt for a number 1 or 2 guard for a clean and tight look.

  • Blending: Make sure there are no harsh lines between the longer top and shorter sides by using slide cutting or a razor for precision.

Tips for Trimming

When it comes to trimming the fringe area:

  • Straight Edge: Use scissors with a straight edge to maintain sharp lines.

  • Horizontal Cut: Focus on creating a straight horizontal fringe that sits evenly across the forehead.

  • Maintenance: Regular trims every few weeks will help keep the haircut looking fresh and well-maintained.

Styling Suggestions

Here are some ways to elevate this timeless haircut with modern styling techniques:

  • Texturising Products: Apply matte clay or pomade to add texture without any shine, giving you a more relaxed and effortless look suitable for everyday wear.

  • Volume Boost: If you have fine hair, consider using a volumising mousse before styling to add body and fullness.

  • Variation in Lengths: Play around with slightly longer lengths on top while keeping the sides short for an interesting contrast and versatility in styling.

The simplicity and clean lines of the Caesar cut make it a great choice for those who want a stylish yet low-maintenance option.

How To Style Men's Short Fringe Haircuts

Short Fringe Haircut

Styling men's short fringe haircuts requires a blend of the right techniques and products to achieve a stylish, natural look. A well-styled fringe can elevate your overall appearance, adding texture and movement to your hairstyle.

Importance of Using the Right Techniques and Products

A short fringe haircut benefits significantly from proper styling. Without it, even the best cut can fall flat. Here's why:

  • Texture and Movement: Creating texture is essential for adding depth and dimension to your fringe. This can prevent the hair from appearing too flat or lifeless.

  • Hold and Shape: The right products ensure that your fringe maintains its shape throughout the day, even in varying weather conditions.

  • Natural Appearance: Avoiding greasy or overly shiny products helps you maintain a natural look that complements your style.

General Tips for Styling Men's Short Fringe Haircuts

  • Start with Clean, Damp Hair: Begin by washing your hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Pat it dry with a towel until it's damp but not dripping wet.

  • Apply a Pre-Styler: Using a pre-styler like a volumising mousse can help add body to your hair, making it easier to manipulate into the desired shape.

  • Blow-Dry with Direction: Use a blow dryer to direct the fringe into place while adding volume. A round brush can help lift the roots if you want more height.

  • Create Texture with Matte Clay or Pomade:Matte Clay: For a natural, textured look, apply a small amount of matte clay (such as Regal Gentleman Matte Clay) to your hands, warm it up by rubbing them together, and then work it through your fringe from roots to tips.

  • Pomade: If you prefer more hold with some shine, opt for a light-hold pomade that won't weigh down your hair.

Recommended Products for Maintaining a Natural Look

Regal Gentleman Matte Clay:Texture: Provides excellent texture without making the hair look shiny or greasy.

Hold: Offers enough hold to keep your fringe in place while still allowing for some movement.

Application: Easy to work through damp or dry hair for versatile styling options.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade:Texture: Ideal for thicker hair types that need extra control.

Hold: Strong hold with a matte finish, perfect for maintaining shape throughout the day.

Application: Best applied to slightly damp hair before drying into style.

American Crew Fiber:Texture: High hold with low shine, perfect for creating defined styles with flexible texture.

Hold: Fibrous product that thickens and texturizes hair.

Application: Work evenly through dry or towel-dried hair and style as desired.

Using these tips and products ensures that you not only achieve but also maintain the best possible look for your short fringe haircut every day.


Exploring short fringe haircuts for men can be an exciting way to refresh your look and add a unique element to your style. Whether you choose the straight textured fringe, the rugged Thomas Shelby look, or the versatile messy wavy fringe, each haircut offers its own set of benefits and styling possibilities.

Encourage yourself to experiment with different short fringe haircuts. Finding a style that complements your personal features can significantly enhance your overall appearance.

If you're not quite ready to commit to a fringe haircut, consider other popular hairstyle options for men:

  • Undercut: A clean and modern look that pairs well with various top styles.

  • Quiff: Adds volume and sophistication for a polished finish.

Your hairstyle is a powerful tool in your grooming arsenal. By choosing the right cut, you can not only elevate your style but also simplify your daily routine with easy-to-maintain options.

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